Bank of Cooperstown 1883

The Bank of Cooperstown was built and organized by George L. Lenham, J.M. Burrell and their associate eastern capitalists, located on the corner of Burrell and 10th just opposite the Palace Hotel in Block 73.  Mr. H.G. Pickett cashier in charge opened the bank for business June 2, 1883.

November of 1884,J. Stevens, the hardware man and H. Pickett bought the Bank of Lenham and Burrell and engaged in the banking business for about two years.  The building was bought by Syverson and Company in 1887 and in 1892 was moved across the street to Block 72 to make room for Mr. Syverson's new building.  The old "Bank of Cooperstown", a two-story frame building, is presently an apartment building owned by Art Skramstad.

Other early banks included the Lawrence Brothers Bank of Cooperstown, Griggs County Loan and Trust Company of Clark and Smart and the Odegard and Thompson Bank.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 182

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