J.C. Yancy, the first tonsor, arrived in Cooperstown April of 1883.  He conducted his first business at the Union House.  Another barber of that year was Edwin Bradley who occupied a shop in the Holliday building east of the Palace.  The early barbers moved often to different business places, but mostly occupied chairs at hotels until they built their own shops.  Many stayed but a short time.

Frank Smith came in 1884.  Silas Black came from Minneapolis in 1886.  He operated his chair in many locations.  The later years, from 1898 to 1909 he had his shop in the old Clark and Smart Bank building (73-8), more recently occupied by the First Bank of Cooperstown.  Black purchased the building and lots in 1900.  (The same barber shop today is owned and operated by Al Douville)

In 1887, Nicholas Green was here for a short time, also J.W. Breakey.  Len Martin came in 1890, J.L. Geske and W.P. Riley in 1891.  Del Irysh and G.A. "Gus" Luther came in 1893.  The latter was also the agent for Fuller Steam Laundry.  John Morris arrived in 1894, barbering until about 1903.  During those years he employed Robert Sansburn, Martin Evjou, Albert Cole, Perry Carol, C.B. Jungck and Albert Martinson.  Morris also owned a cigar factory.

Scott Hall arrived in 1903.  He employed Frank Smith of Minneapolis from 1905 to 1906.  Ed Milan and I.W. Maulsby worked for him beginning in 1906.  He operated two shops for a few years with Maulsby in charge of one, he the other.  Hall left Cooperstown about 1940.

Some of the other barbers here before 1940 were Andy Hyman, Joe Salisbury, P.C. Paulson, and Art Reierson.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 183

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