The first blacksmith shop, Moore and Sansburn, was opened by Sam Sansburn and Robert Moore in March of 1883.  These men came to the area with R.C. Cooper, doing blacksmith work on his farm until they started their shop.  The blacksmith shop was located near the corner of Roberts and Tenth, on Block 61, Lot 10.  Robert Moore retired in April of 1888, and Sansburn remained to run the business.  In May of 1902 he built a new blacksmith shop on the corner west of the first shop.  The building, 28' x 60' with sixteen foot posts, was covered with steel.  Cap Hartman worked for Sansburn starting in 1903.

In 1905, a capital stock company, the Farmers Blacksmith and Supply Company, purchased the business, retaining Sansburn as manager.  He worked for the company until 1907 when Robert Pratt became manager.  Robert Pratt was with the company until 1911.

Henry Otteson opened the blacksmith shop in the old Farmers Blacksmith and Supply building November 1, 1916.  He was blacksmith in that location for many years selling out in 1940.  The original building was moved to the airport south of Cooperstown in 1947 and burned in 1950 or 1951.

Otterholt and Voxland built a blacksmith shop on Lenham just south of Biorn and Borgerson's Livery in April of 1899, Block 74, Lot 13, later selling it to Rasmus Olson in 1902.  Peter Lima worked for Rasmus Olson and bought a half interest in the business in 1903.  By 1904, Lima was sole owner.  Through the years Lima operated the shop and later his son, Lorents, Joined him.  Peter turned it over to Lorents in 1936.  Lorents Lima operated his blacksmith business there until shortly before his death in 1977.  The Griggs County Historical Association bought the shop and contents in September of 1977 with intentions of restoration.

Other early blacksmiths were: Nelson Keil, A.S. Gray, J.H. Montgomery, Tollef Olson (in 1893 he built a shop located just east of where the old Jackson saloon building used to be) and Nordhougen.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 184

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