Bowling Establishments

Courier February 24, 1900: "P.K. Moe is building a bowling alley in the building formerly occupied by N.A. Ness and will equip it in good shape.  The alley will be 70 feet long."  This is the first mention of a bowling center in Cooperstown.  The building was previously occupied by Ness Bakery (59-17) in 1898.  By 1902 it was known as the Klondike Restaurant and Poolroom.  In 1938 Tang Brothers installed a set of lanes in the basement of the same building.  The lanes operated until the late 1950's when Bob Mack was operating the establishment.  They were dismantled and removed in the early 1960's.  This building is presently occupied by the Sons of Norway Hall.

Another set of lanes was said to have been located in the building east of Allen's Jewelry for a time.  It was run by Scott Hall and was probably run in the other half of his barbershop building.

About 1932 a set of lanes was installed in Walt Nelson and Thomas Irgen's Recreation Parlor located below the Penney Store (present Coast to Coast).  The recreation parlor was later known as Cobb's Place.  The lanes and equipment were removed in 1970, but had not been used for quite some time.  The Atchison Rifle Club now occupies the basement of the building and has since 1976.

Crescent Lanes was built in 1959 and operated by Willmar and Merle Haerter.  The building housed six lanes and a restaurant.  The restaurant was operated by Nellie Stone for a short time, and Paula Haaland.  The Crescent Lanes and Cafe closed in 1968.  The building is now owned by Eric Berdal and presently houses the Administration Office, Adult Farm Management, Building Trades and Welding of the Sheyenne Valley Vocational Center.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 185

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