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The land offices were often the business of the lawyers.  But other people also dealt in the collection, real estate, loan and land office business.  One of the first offices of this type was set up by John 0.  Ole in 1886.  He operated his land and collection business in various buildings until 1891 when he built a small office building just west of the Palace Hotel in Block 60, Lot 18.

Starting in 1897, Reier Lunde worked with Ole for a few years.  About 1900 John Ole went into the real estate business and by 1904 had dropped his farm loan and insurance business.  He continued in the real estate business until retiring.  Ole's small office building was later occupied by Greenland Lunde.  (The building still stands today and is occupied by Stoners Bar)

Another prominent man who ran a loan and land office was T. E. Warner.  He bought out the collection, insurance and land business of Simington and Miller in 1887.  He was elected city Justice in 1891.  In 1897 his office was located over Stevens' and Enger's Hardware Store.  Here he was associated with Attorney Benjamin Tufte for a short time.  By 1899 he had located in John Syverson's new brick building, Block 72, Lot 12, and operated his business in the two front rooms downstairs.  He moved from this location in 1900 when the State Bank of Cooperstown opened for business and occupied his quarters.  Mr. Warner sold out his North Dakota Collection Agency of Cooperstown in 1903 to M.C. Spicer who was also located in the same building.

Others in early land office business: Earl B. Pinney, Nels Iverson, Reier Lunde, D.F. Nelson and W.T. Munn in Iowa North Dakota Land Company, Elmer G. Opfer and C.F.  Nelson in Nelson Opfer Company, Simington and Miller, R.C. Cooper, J.H. McDermott and Berg Brothers.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 186

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