Exchange Hotel

P.K. Moe opened the restaurant and confectionery previously owned by T.O. Torgerson and Peder Johnson in 1897.  By July of 1898 he was advertising his "Exchange Hotel".  In 1905 he bought Marquardt's property adjacent to his hotel, which he remodeled along with his building to make a larger hotel of them.  Moe ran the hotel and restaurant business until his death in 1932.  Mollie Moe and John Mack operated the business until about 1942 when Ell Neste purchased the property.  It was during the ownership of Neste that the Hotel became known as the "Windsor". 

Other owners or managers have included: J.B. Pronovost (January-March of 1946), Jack and Evelyn Flemmer (March of 1946-1948), Joe Holter (1948-1954), Clair Wright (1954-1963).  Virgil Schothorst purchased the "Windsor" from Clair Wright in August of 1963.  Leonard Paintner was manager.  The Windsor burned November 4, 1965, in a fire which also destroyed the dry cleaners' building to the west.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 188

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