Greenland, Lunde and Company

In 1909 Mr. Fritjof Greenland opened a business in Cooperstown in the building now occupied by Stoners Bar.  The business was farm machinery oriented, selling such items as binder twine, farm seeders, drags, buggies, wagons and related items.

In 1910 Nels M. Lunde went to work for Mr. Greenland and in 1911 a partnership was formed changing the name to Greenland Lunde and Company.  At that time the Overland franchise was secured and Indian motorcycles were also sold.

The business remained in that location until 1919 when the company purchased the Jimeson and Olson Mercantile building which was located across the street south of the present Johnson Store.  During, this period, Theodore Kittelson was taken in as a partner and developed the cattle buying and horse-trading business also.  This was important as cattle and horses were traded for machinery.  Steam engines and threshing machines were added and before 1927, Mogul gas tractors and Deering binders were sold.  That same year, Greenland Lunde and Company received the franchise for John Deere.

The next year a new building was built to accompany their new Chevrolet franchise.

During the depression years the company barely survived; however, it was the only farm machinery and automobile dealership in Cooperstown to remain intact through the hard times.

Other short line products of interest that were sold by Greenland Lunde were Delco light plants, DeLaval cream separators and milking machines, and later Farmhand hay stackers.

In 1946 the Chevrolet garage was sold to Robert Adam and Joel Moe and was called Adam Chevrolet.  A year or two later the implement business was sold to H.W. Hildre and Mr. Vaughn Cowell.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 190

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