Meat Markets

The Upton and Johnson Meat Market was a first class meat market built on Roberts Avenue in 1883.  The owners, B.A. Upton and Andrew Johnson had owned the first meat market in Griggs County at Mardell.  They dissolved their partnership at Cooperstown in May of that year.  Johnson retained the business.  He operated a general store and meat market on Burrell Avenue in 1885 until he sold out to J.N. Jorgenson in 1886.

The Retzlaff Brothers built a meat market on Burrell (74-2) in 1884.  They operated until 1899 when Hammer and Condy bought the market with Charles Bauer in charge as butcher.  In 1902, E.E. Downe purchased the meat market.  W.D. Marsh leased the market for about three years.  Downe returned to run the meat market again in 1907 and continued in business there until about 1918.

G.B. Edmondson and Abe Thime purchased the Cooperstown Meat Market from E.E. Downe in 1918.  Edmondson left the business in the mid 1920's, Thime retaining with the business.  He put in a line of groceries about 1935.  Thime's daughter, Ann took over the business in 1936 and continued until 1959.

In 1899, F.O. Besuchet purchased the building and real estate previously occupied by Divers and Olds Laundry (74-10).  Here he opened the Model Meat Market.  In 1905 he sold the market to T.R. Jones.  By 1908 Abe Thime had bought and operated the meat market.  The Model Clothing Company has occupied that site from 1925 to the present date.

William Hoffmeyer operated a meat market on Burrell (74-9) from 1926 to 1932.  It was known as the City Meat Market.  The building had previously been occupied by Edmondson's Variety Store and Reier Anderson's Pool Hall.

By World War 11, meat markets began to disappear and later became meat departments in grocery stores.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 196

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