Nelson's Barber Shop

Bill Nelson was born at Sharon, North Dakota.  Before coming to Cooperstown he worked in Sharon and Bismarck.

In 1929, Bill Nelson worked for Art Reierson's Barber Shop in Cooperstown.  This shop was located next to Nelson's Hardware Store.  These buildings were destroyed by fire in 1929.  After the fire, the barbershop was located in the basement of Marquardt's Cafe.

In 1931, Bill left Cooperstown and moved to Lehr, North Dakota, where he purchased a shop and worked there for four months.  During this time, Orlo Erhardt had a barbershop in Cooperstown.  Orlo wanted to return to Lehr, so he and Bill decided to exchange shops.  Bill returned to Cooperstown at the end of 1931 and rented Erhart's facilities for his barbershop.

During the depression, Nelson's Barber Shop had three barbers

Edward Nelson, Art Reierson and Bill Nelson.  The shop also boasted a Shoeshine parlor with three men employed to shine shoes.

In 1935, Bill bought Lindgren's Millinery Shop building.

Bill Korst barbered with Bill Nelson for many, many years.  Bill Nelson left Cooperstown May 1, 1943 and worked as a payroll clerk in the shipyards at Vancouver, Washington, during the war, until his return to Cooperstown in October of 1944.  During this time, Bill Korst was head barber in Cooperstown.

In 1952, Albert Nelson joined his brother Bill Nelson in the barbershop.

Bill Nelson served the community of Cooperstown as barber until his death in 1965.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 198

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