Newell House

John Syverson began building the Newell House hotel in August of 1896 completing it by September of 1898.  The Newell House was named in honor of Dr. G.F. Newell, a civil war veteran.  It is situated on the site where Newell's first drugstore stood in 1883, the corner of Lenham and Tenth.

The hotel contained twenty bedrooms upstairs, a spacious dining room, office, kitchen, parlor and other rooms downstairs.

P.M. Johnson purchased the hotel in 1898.  Other people who leased or managed the Newell before 1900 were: Henry Blocker, Mrs. M.E. Percival, John P. Blocker, Shue and Parker.

In May of 1904, Syverson had bought back the hotel.  He sold it to Joe Isreal later in 1904, and D.J. Campbell leased the hotel in November when it became known as the Arcade.  Since that time the Newell House has also been known as: The Andrews Hotel, Commercial Hotel, Baldwin Hotel and the Rebecca Home.

In 1918, during the flu epidemic the city council designated the hotel as a hospital, known as the Andrews Hospital.

Mathilda Baldwin, who later was Mrs. Guy Cannon, owned it for many years.  The Baldwin Hotel was purchased in 1954 by Alfred and Hilda Rebecca Rusten.  It was run as the Rebecca Retirement Home by their daughter and son-in0law, Ruby and Gerald Kimbrell until about the time the new Griggs County Nursing Home opened in 1971.

The building has remained vacant since that time and was purchased by Duane Anderson about 1980.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 2

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