Palace Hotel

The Palace was a spacious three-story hotel built by the Cooperstown Townsite Company early in the winter of 1883 at a cost of $21,000.  The architectural beauty was constructed with a front of 75 feet and on two streets, 150 foot of frontage in all, the shape of a square angle.

The main entrance was on the southeast corner.  From the entrance of the hotel, the office was on the right, ladies' lower parlor to the left, and the stairway ahead.  The stairs were circular with expansion at both base and landing.  The upper parlors and the halls into which the sleeping apartments opened were entered from the main landing.  The halls ran to the north and west. The third story was reached from the first landing by a flight of circular stairs, at the top of which were two more halls, running the same as the lower ones.

The 42 rooms were large enough for two or three beds during the crowded season and could accommodate as many as 250 people if necessary.

On the ground floor the 20'x 28'dining room was located near the west end, the billiard room was entered by a hallway from the office, or directly from Tenth Street, and the office was entered from the main hall or billiard room.

There was an arched coatroom, washroom, and a baggage room connected.

August 17, 1883, the "Palace" first opened its doors to the public.  It was operated by Mr. H.C. Fitch.  The Palace was a lavish first-class hotel and had the reputation of being the best hotel in North Dakota.

Other managers of the hotel from 1888 to 1892 were: A. L. Bowden, John Pashley, Elmer Smith, C.C. McDonald, the Arneson Sisters, A. Haskell and J.A. McCulloch.

F.J. Stone purchased the Palace in May of 1893.  Through the years, rooms in the hotel were used by various salesmen to display and sell their goods, a tailor shop, barbershops, dentist and doctor offices.

The Palace was located on the corner of Burrell and Tenth Street.  It was torn down in 1924.

The Palace Motors was built on that site by Bert Parsons and C.S. Christiansen in 1928.  It was later known as Main Motors.  At various times was owned and operated by Abe Thime, Otto Rebhahn, Reynold Retzlaff, Carrol Torgerson, Gerald Davison and Bill Lyche.  The Sheyenne Vocational School owned the building until it was purchased by the Sheyenne Tooling Company, the present owner.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 201

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