Peterson Biddick Company

Henry and Elsie Winning came to Cooperstown in 1941 and managed the Peterson Biddick Produce Store.  They came here from Wimbledon, where they had operated a cream station business.  They were originally from Iowa, where they were married in 1914.

Three of their four children have lived at Cooperstown at some time.  Lester lives here now; Myrna is Mrs. Waldo Wells, now of Binford; Dolores and her husband, Raymond Monson, live near Dazey; Melvin, of Jamestown, has never lived here.

Among the people who worked in the station for them were their daughters, as well as Delores Lockner, and Florence Fiebiger.  Fred Baker, retired from running his own station, also worked there.  The building was heated by coal.  Eggs were candled in a dark room in the rear of the building.  Mrs. Monson remembers her mother holding six eggs at a time while she was candling.  They paid cash for eggs and cream.

On Fridays and Wednesdays before the cream was picked up by the truck, there would be cans of cream lined up, sometimes in two lines, from the front door back to the cream room.  Baby chicks, feed, seed and block salt were sold.  Garden and flower seeds were sold in bulk, by the ounce.

Mr. Winning died in 1976 and Mrs. Winning died in 1977.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 1

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