State Bank of Cooperstown

The State Bank of Cooperstown opened its doors for business June 15, 1900.  Mr. Garborg was its first cashier.  The bank was located in John Syverson's brick building on the corner opposite his store.  This building was completed by August of 1899.

The State Bank of Cooperstown operated until April of 1924.

Through the years this building has housed dental and medical offices.  The upstairs has been occupied by Dentists Rose, Gabrial, Belyea and Jackson.  The downstairs south end office by Drs. Kerr, Brimi, Burnap and Drs. M. D. and Kent Westley.  Presently the building is owned by Art Skramstad and is used as an apartment building.




Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 182

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