Syverson and Company

July of 1884 Syverson and Company had bought the store of Nelson and Langlie in Block 73, Lot 6, for a general mercantile store, and early in 1887, bought out the store of Odegard and Thompson already occupied by them as a furniture store.  They connected these two stores with an archway and operated the two businesses as one large store.

By August of 1892, Mr. Syverson decided to build a larger store for his increasing business.  He bought more lots to the east and moved the first store to the rear for a warehouse.  The basement of his new block was built the first year and the store was completed in 1894.

The interior of the store was finished throughout with maple flooring.  It had a balcony on two sides, one where the bookkeeper worked, and the other where furniture was first displayed.  The store contained a grocery department, furniture, shoe and clothing department.

The firm continued in business until 1929.  The Syverson Block still stands and now contains Westfalls' Cooper Crafts.

The store building stood vacant for a few years after the Syverson Store closed.  Except for an occasional dance or poultry show, it was unused until 1935, when it was remodeled, partitioned into three sections, and new stores opened.  The east corner section was a grocery store.  Carl Moothart and Bill Swanke opened the C and B market in October of 1935, Cooperstown's fifth grocery store at the time.  They were later joined by Bernard Amble.  The three men's wives were sisters.  After World War 11 the store was sold to F.H. Carter and Gerald Davison and renamed C and D. Carter left after a short time and Mr. and Mrs. Davison continued in the market until 1952, when they went into the automotive business with Carrol Torgerson.  Irvin Korst was the next grocer in the building, followed by Perry Haaland and then Einar Overby.

The center section was home to variety stores, first Kelly's then from 1938 to 1960 by Sheldon and Edith Gorseth, who sold their business, in 1960, to Maxine Torgerson.  She moved out of the building in 1965.

Dates are harder to find for the Farmers Supply Store which occupied the west side of the building and closed about 1950.  Carl Brudwick was the manager.  An automotive supply business, managed by Harry Reese, was the next tenant.  H.E. Everson Company was the successor.

Maurice and Judy Haugen ran a combined grocery and restaurant business in the building in the mid 1960's.

Russell Edland later had an engraving business in the building.

A cold storage locker plant was opened in the south end of the building in the late 1940's.  As far as can be determined, Wally Spooner operated it first. Later it was operated by James Rich and afterward Maynard Norgard.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 203

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