Whidden Brothers of Nova Scotia came to Cooperstown in May of 1882.  They built themselves a commodious store building and started a general mercantile business in April of 1883.  Their first building faced south on Lenham Avenue located on Block 74, Lots 16 and 17, east of Lima's Blacksmith Shop.  It was described as a picturesque old pile, built like a feudal castle full of corners and semi-detached additions and a general lack of oneness.

By 1886, when Burrell Avenue was becoming the main business street they moved to the north side of the same block buying out the stock and building of Bowden and Buck.  The old building on Lenham was used later as a schoolroom and a rooming house.

Whidden Cash Store was closed out in June of 1893 and sold to Haskell and Patrick.  By October C. T. Whidden was once again in business, purchasing the stock and building formerly owned by Colson and Hazard.  G. C. Koyl was associated with C. T. Whidden in 1902.  The Whiddens were in business for about 20 years and located in several different places, including the present day Cooper Theatre and former Stones Cafe building, about 1905.

March 1, 1895    Hard times prices at Whiddens:


Tomatoes, per can 10
Corn   5
String Beans   5
2# Good Table Strawberries 10
2# Table Gooseberries 10
Heavy unbleached sheeting   5 per yard
Good serviceable calico   3 per yard
Splendid quality outing flannel   5 per yard


Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 206