Amund Gilbertson Homestead

The Amund Gilbertson homestead along the hills of the Sheyenne River in Sverdrup Township has now passed in ownership to the third generation.  His grandson, David Lunde, and his wife, Carolyn Vigesaa Lunde, are the present owners of the land.  They have four children, Keven, Nathan, Barbara, and Tanya.

In 1880 at age 23, Mr. Gilbertson immigrated to the United States.  On May 2, 1882, he filed a homestead claim on the NE Section 10-145-58.  He walked from Mayville to choose the land on which he would settle, and back again, proceeding to Fargo by train to complete the transaction, and pay the $16 to $18 fee.

He first built a dugout for a home where he lived until 1886, when he constructed a log cabin, the top story which is intact on the farm today.  It was built in a wooded area overlooking the Sheyenne River, just as his birthplace home in Norway was in a forested area overlooking a lake.

After building the log cabin, Mr. Gilbertson married Maria Hagen, daughter of Ole Hagen.  To this union, five children were born - two died in infancy.  His wife died in 1899.  The three children living to adulthood were Sophia, (Mrs. M.M. Lunde) Olga, (Mrs. Fred Melgard) and Gunhild (Mrs. Lloyd Roen).  Sophia became the mother of five children, Muriel, Carol, Roger, Erling and David.  Olga had six sons, Gordon, Robert, Frederick, Peter, Tom and Rodney.

On October 5, 1899, Amund Gilbertson, also known as Amund Gulbrandson, increased his holdings by purchasing the SW Section 3-145-58 for $1300.  He proceeded to construct a frame barn and house on this quarter Section, and the barn is standing to this day.  The house was sold and moved to Cooperstown in 1975, as a new house was built on the land in 1974.

Mr. Gilbertson continued to increase his land holdings to 960 acres, and 640 acres remain in the family today.

Amund Gilbertson died in his farm home in March of 1945.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 76

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