Andrew Fogderud

Andrew Fogderud was born in Eker, Norway on November 8, 1861.  When he was 20 years old he came to America, and in 1883 he came to North Dakota and homesteaded on Section 22-144-59 of Griggs County.  In 1888, April 8, he married Ellen Anna Mossing.  Ellen had also come from Norway.  She was born March 25, 1868.  When she was 15 years old, she set out for America all alone.  Her father, Peter Mossing had come earlier and taken a homestead on NE of Section 22 of Greenfield.

Andrew Fogderud and Ellen Mossing were married in the Gunderson School located about one mile south of Walum.  There were no churches in the area at that time.  When the St. Olaf Church was built, Andrew and Ellen were charter members.  They were parents of: Peter Ludvig, Cora, Alfred, Laura, Eva, and Conrad.

Andrew died in 1926 and Conrad took over the responsibilities of the homestead.  He married Sylvia Syvertson, and they had two children, Myrna, and Connie.

Conrad was asked many times why he stayed on that farm because it seemed to be a storm center.  He loved the farm and the many challenges that went with it.  Four barns have been completely destroyed by tornadoes besides many other buildings being destroyed or damaged.  In 1957, a tornado destroyed all the building except a brooder house.  A new house had to be built.  Conrad lived in the new house only two years before his death May 1, 1970.  Mrs. Fogderud owns the land at present.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 74

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