Arne Luckason

In 1881 Arne Luckason came to Dakota Territory and settled in Section 10-145-58 near the Sheyenne River and six and one-half miles southeast of Cooperstown.

His mother (Ingeborg) and sister came from Ness Hallingdal, Norway in 1884 to make their home with him.

Kristi (Clara) married George Olson in 1899.  They farmed and raised a family of seven children: Ella Gilbertson; Lila Brace (deceased); Leland; Gillman (deceased), Georgie (deceased); Garfield; and Lorraine Andersen.

They observed their fiftieth anniversary in 1949.

Gillman (Gilly) was a farmer, livestock trucker and state representative, 1955-1965.  He and his wife, Dolores Erickson had five children: Beverly Tranby; Jacqueline Evenson; Susan Wilhelm; Gloria Thompson, and George Oscar (deceased).  They farmed until Gillman's death in 1967.  His wife resides on the farm they purchased.

Beverly, her husband, Orville Tranby and sons Wade and Scott returned in 1973 and are farming and reside in their home.

Beverly is a great-niece of Arne Luckason.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 89

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