Charles Rothert

Charles (1841-1908) and Emelia (1850-1914) Steinke Rothert and their five children left their home in Poznon, Prussia for America to establish a better way of life for themselves, their children and us.

In May of 1881 the family set sail from the port city of Bremen, Germany, disembarking at Baltimore, three weeks later on to Chicago and from there to Porter, Indiana where they lived two years.

In June of 1883 they came to North Dakota and Mr. Rothert filed on the S of NE and W of SE of Section 8 in Township 146 (Clearfield), Range 60, Griggs County, North Dakota.  A sod house was built and was improved with some wood structure in 1885.  Three more children were born and it was here the family shared the hardship and joy of real pioneer living.

Mr. Rothert helped build the Sanborn-Cooperstown branch of the Northern Pacific Railroad.  He also worked on Cooper's Ranch and several large farms to earn money with which to purchase farm machinery.  During this time Mrs. Rothert was seeing to home operations.  She broadcast seed, harvested with a scythe and threshed with a flail.  She often walked the thirteen miles to Cooperstown for family provisions and either carried or used a wheelbarrow to get them home.

Schools and churches were a definite concern of the pioneers and after a growing group of Lutherans had held worship services in the church school, Mr. Rothert, one of the charter members, granted the site and cemetery (five acres) to the Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church, (Missouri Synod) which was dedicated March 28, 1909.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Rothert are buried in the Zion cemetery.

With settlement of the estate, Mr. Rothert's son, Gustav L. (1874-1953) became owner of his father's homestead in 1919.  In 1951 with another division of land, Marvin, (1911-       ) Gustav's son, became the owner of W of SE of Section 8 in Township 146 (Clearfield) Range 60, Griggs County, North Dakota.  For ninety-nine years these acres have been in the Rothert name.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 93

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