Johan Forsberg

Johan Forsberg, a native of Vermeland, Sweden, came to Chicago, Illinois in July of 1879.  On July 4, 1881 his brother, Gustaf, and he came to North Dakota where they established a homestead in Sverdrup Township.  Gustaf in Section N.E. 32 and Johan in Section S.E. 32.

Together they built a log cabin, which they thought was divided by the quarter line, one room being Johan's and the other Gustafs.  Later they discovered that the cabin was positioned entirely on Gustafs land.  Then Johan homesteaded on S.W. 32 and S.E. 32 became his tree claim.

Johan married Caroline Logvern, also from Vermeland, Sweden.  They were the parents of Christina (Mrs. Walter Christensen), Carl, Ellen (Mrs. Nels G. Nelson), and Beda Maria.

Johan Forsberg had a blacksmith shop on his farm.  He sharpened many plowshares for his neighbors.  Often the neighbors would plow for him while he did their blacksmith work for them.

Nels and Ellen had two children: Ruth and Royce.  They lived in Chicago, Illinois for a year and in Minnesota for three years, and then returned to North Dakota to farm the Forsberg farm.  Royce is married to Mavis Vasfaret and they live in Cooperstown where Royce is a carpenter.  He owns the family homestead, but rents it out.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 74

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