Samuel B. Langford Jr.

Samuel B. Langford, Jr., was born in Ontario, Canada, on August 15, 1861.  In 1872 he moved with his folks to St. Clair, Michigan, where they farmed.

He came to this area in 1880 with R.C. Cooper to work on his ranch, which was located southwest of Cooperstown.  That fall he returned to Michigan; and in the spring of 1881, his dad, Samuel B. Langford, Sr., came with him to homestead south of Cooperstown in Sverdrup Township.  The location of Sam Jr.'s farm was 145N, Section 6, Range 58W; and he lived there for 71 years until his death on February 2, 1952.

Sam built a small shanty for his home.  He broke up his land with oxen and a walking plow.  Later, he used mules and horses.  He would often speak of Otto "Biz" Marquardt, as just a little fellow who would come and stay with him to hunt raccoons.

By the year 1894, he had built a larger home; and on July 4 of that same year, he married Jennie Glaspell.  They had eight children: four girls, Vera, Marvelle, Marian, and Lois; and four boys, Garth, Maynard, Warren, and Lawrence, who died in infancy.  Sam and Jennie celebrated their fiftieth anniversary at their home on July 4, 1944.  Mrs. Langford died the following December.

Warren, better known as "Ole," was the last of the children to marry.  He stayed at home to farm with his dad and continued to farm after his marriage to Emma Erickson, who was also from Cooperstown.  Even though they are retired, Ole and Emma still reside on the farm, the home Ole has known for 74 years.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 86

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