The Olson-Christopherson Farm

This land located on the S of the S of Section 24 in Romness Township was originally homesteaded by Martin Olson.  He came to Romness Township in April of 1880 in a caravan from Wineshiek County, Iowa, along with his parents, three brothers, one sister and several other early pioneers.

He married Mary (Maria Johnsdoatter) Nelson February 16, 1885 and they lived in a sod house on the north slope of a landmark known as Horse Hill on their homestead until 1910 when a new frame house was completed.  This house is occupied today by a grandson, Clifford Christopherson.  Five daughters and three sons were born to Martin and Mary.

The third eldest child, Lena Christena, usually known as Christena, born December 20, 1888, married Charles Christopherson May 29, 1910.  They farmed with Charles' father in Steele County until 1913 at which time they moved to Jenner, Alberta, Canada to take a homestead.

At that time they had two children: May, born February 24, 1911, and Clifford, born August 2, 1912.  They maintained their homestead in Canada until 1920, although they made frequent trips by train back to Romness.  Two more sons, Oscar, February 7, 1917, and Alvin, February 28, 1920, were born to Charles and Christena during these trips back to Romness.  Alvin died in August of 1920.  The other three children still live in Romness.

During these years Martin Olson farmed the land.  He died suddenly in April of 1920 during a visit to his doctor in Finley.

Charles and his family had just returned to their homestead in Canada after the birth of Alvin when they were notified of the death of Christena's father.  Christena and the children returned to Romness as soon as possible and Charles returned in the fall of 1920.

Charles began farming the homestead in 1921 on shares with his mother-in-law and continued in this way until her death in January of 1942.  He purchased the quarter of land after that date to settle the estate.

It is noted in family papers that one-half of the threshing bill for 1934 was $2.81 for wheat and $1.97 for flax owed by Mrs. Olson.

Christena Christopherson died November 21, 1952.  Charles Christopherson continued actively farming until the 1960's at which time his eldest son, Clifford, took over the farming until 1971.

Charles died January 23, 1973 and the land is currently owned by his estate and farmed by his grandson, Wayne Christopherson.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 90

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