The Robert Bailey Farm


Robert Bailey came to Griggs County from Canada in 1882, and moved onto the Northwest quarter of Section 12 in Mabel Township (two miles east of the present town of Sutton), where he squatted until the land was opened for homesteading in 1883.  He and George Hartman came together, and Robert built a shack to live in on the northwest corner of his quarter, and George built a small barn on the southeast corner of the southeast quarter of Section 2.

They shared buildings until they could each put up more permanent structures.  The shack was later moved and used as the blacksmith shop after the house was built.

By 1890 Robert was able to list the following improvements to the land:


Farm house 14 x 18 feet value $175.00
One board stable, 28 x 28 feet value   $60.00
2 wells, 1 stoned up value   $60.00
160 acres broken value $480.00
Shanty 11 x 14 feet value   $40.00


At that time he owned 3 horses, 2 cows, 2 calves and 4 pigs. 

His farm implements consisted of a plow, harrow, binder, seeder and a wagon. 


In 1884 he raised 25 acres of wheat
In 1885 65 acres
In 1886 75 acres
In 1887 75 acres
In 1888 85 acres and
In 1889 110 acres of wheat


The yield averaged 10 to 20 bushels per acre each year.

Robert had six children, those still living include James of Cooperstown, Violet Taylor of Sutton, Laura Olson of Fargo, and Richard.  Richard was born on the farm in 1898 and still lives in the farm house his father began building 1

1885.  The living room of the present house was the original homestead house.  Richard is still active in farming, and farms with his two sons Thomas and Daniel.

Many of Robert Bailey's other descendants still live in this area:


Violet Taylor daughter
Janis Hagen grandchildren
Ruth Harrington             “
Robert L. Bailey             “
Susan Bailey great-grandchildren
Steven Bailey            “
Barbara Bailey            “
Joann Larson            “
Dean Hagen            “
Greg Hagen            “
Gerald Harrington            “
Bryan Bailey            “
Robert F. Bailey            “
Rochelle Bailey great great grandchildren
Natalie Larson            “
Ron Harrington            “


Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 71

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