Torbjorn Huso

In 1883 Torbjorn Huso came to Lenora Township in a covered wagon from Minnesota with his wife, Karl, and children, Mary, Birgit, and Adolph, and the grandfather, Ole Groff.  They homesteaded on the NE of Section 14, Lenora Township.  He also took a tree claim on NW of Section 14, Lenora Township.  This farm became the home of his son, Adolph.

They lived in a sod house.  In 1886, Birgit and the mother, Karl, died of tuberculosis.  The oldest daughter, Mary, did the cooking and cared for her brother, Adolph, and sister, Ida, until they were grown.

Adolph T. Huso married Minnie Hanson in 1913.  They had five children: Herlof, owner and operator of the home farm, Aneta; Alpha, (Mrs. Del Voiles) Roseburg, Oregon; Olger (deceased); Maurice, Long Beach, California-, and Thoris, Aneta.

Family members recall Adolph telling of his father, Torbjorn, walking to Cooperstown for flour, sugar and other basic commodities.  Farming operations were done with horses up to about the years 1925-1927.  The Husos had one of the first self-propelled combines in the area in 1940.  One of the tedious tasks was picking mustard by hand from the grain fields.

Four generations have now operated this farm: Torbjorn, Adolph, Herlof, and at present, the sons of Herlof, Donald and Paul, operate the farm.  Both Donald and Paul have sons.  This could be a five-generation farm.  On the farm, Herlof operates the Huso Manufacturing, which has been in operation for about ten years.  Besides repair work, the plant has turned out many special projects such as glass topped coffee tables, off-set disk, custom hand rails, aluminum boat trailers, and athletic equipment.  A larger part of the work has been making parts for anhydrous equipment and truck box ladders.

While Donald and Paul, who live near by, operate the farm, Herlof and his wife, Bessie, still reside there.  Other members of their family are Avis (Mrs. Paul McDaniel), Valley City, North Dakota; and Sandra (Mrs. David Eilford), Vancouver, Washington.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 81

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