Martin A. Ueland


Martin Ueland was born in Norway in 1858.  He studied English in Norway; went to high school in Flekkefjord and later to Trondhjem Technical School, knew German and French and studied to be an engineer.

His training as a surveyor was in great demand in the early years.  He did some surveying in Montana before he settled on his homestead here.  Mr. Ueland was elected county surveyor in 1882.  Sections had been marked off by federal surveyors earlier; a hardwood stake had been buried on Section corners.  From these Section stakes Mr. Ueland would chain off the quarter sections, eighties and forties.  He was also in great demand in laying out of towns, roads, cemeteries and settling boundary disputes.

On April 4, 1911 Mr. Ueland had been appointed County Superintendent of Highways to comply with a new highway law.  His annual salary was set at $800.00, it being agreed between Mr. Ueland and the board that any public duties as County Surveyor would be performed by the Superintendent of Highways.

Mr. Ueland continued as Superintendent of Highways until January 1, 1917.  He had been re-elected in the fall of 1916 but declined to qualify or to be a candidate.  Mr. Ueland decided to continue to do surveying for those who needed his services.

In the Griggs County Sentinel for April 11, 1912 it was stated that Mr. Ueland had purchased a new Buick Roadster to be better able to attend to his duties.  Prior to this Mr. Ueland had used horses, both single and double on a buggy or spring wagon.

Mr. Ueland's name was often mentioned in the Commissioner proceedings from 1911 through 1916.  His annual reports were in detail and well written.  On January 16, 1913 the County Commissioners took the occasion to express its appreciation of the ability and faithfulness of Mr. Ueland in the performance of his duties.

The Griggs County Historical Society has in its museum the chain, tripod and instruments used by Mr. Ueland as County Surveyor for more than 50 years.


Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 19

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