Cooperstown City

My first trip to Cooperstown was in the summer of 1896.  I rode with John Paulson on a lumber wagon from Norway Lake in Addle Township to Cooperstown.  The first one we met and got acquainted with was R.C. Cooper and Knud Thompson and later on, C. Whidden and John Syverson on the sidewalk outside their stores.  We went looking around in the stores to buy groceries and clothes.  We went out to see the Cooper Ranch buildings.  This was the first time I had seen mules.  I saw some men riders carrying a hayfork on one arm and steering a span of mules with the other arm.  Mr. Cooper used both mules and horses for draft animals, farm machinery, and steam engines.

Driving home that day we stopped and talked with a farmer and another man.  They were working up the road to pay off their poll tax.  Later on, poll tax was declared unconstitutional and void.

On my second trip that year, I had a medical appointment with Dr. L.S. Platou.  He practiced in Cooperstown for three or more years.  In 1898 he moved to Valley City, opened up an office there and gave medical and surgery treatments.  He also built his own hospital.

I never got a chance to talk to Dr. Carl Brim].  He started practice here in Cooperstown in 1898.  He was a very busy doctor for over twenty-five years.

The first blacksmith that I met was here in Cooperstown.  His name was Nelson Kiil.  I was a young boy so he gave me a puzzle and toy rings.  I sure was delighted.

Oscar Olson, 1981

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 127

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