Dubois Newell


Cooperstown, Dakota

March 7th, 1886


My dear brother and sister

with pleasure I take this opportunity of answering yours of the 2nd  We are right glad to hear from you and to learn that you were well and so nigh ready to come back to the golden northwest  I am not surprised at your wanting back, but I would shurly (sic) be greatley (sic) surprised at any one not wanting or eaven (sic) longing to get back to this beautiful country and healthful clime after once living here for a time times are good here and money pleanty (sic).  health is very good I know of no sickness in the wide territory we have had a nice winter here, only a little warm if any diferance (sic) we have had a good lot of snow this time, it is fast disappearing, and it looks lik (sic) spring was about here  every body is a prophassing (sic) a early spring.  and it does look that way now

I have 3 cars of wheat at duluth (sic) and will send 2 more this week  I will hold it until the 20th if you think that wont be to long and will send you the money as soon as I get it or had I best deposit here at this bank and you check on it if I leave it the bank here  I could telegraph you as soon as I sold and you could go on up there just as you say  wheat went up one cent yesterday and I believe now that it will go up a few cents  I do hope so at least I dont (sic) believe that you had best buy many more horses than what we need for our own use for from all accounts there will be lots of them shiped (sic) in this spring and the probability they will be low I have not sold non yet,

of course you will have to sell them horses you have there on time if you get any thing out of them I will haul yet this week if the roads dont (sic) give away You let me know as soon as you get this how you want the money, and if you can how mutch (sic)

You never told me if you got the money I sent you everything is all right here I have only 100 bu of seed wheat cleaned yet we don that in one half day I guess that after one more week I will quit hauling and get ready for seeding.  try and get tolerable good horses so we can use them ware ever we want this leaves us all well hoping it may find you all the same

I guess you had best bring me a suit of cloths for every day use as I am nearly out of cloths and you had best fetch 100 yds of 5 cts calico for comforts, write and let me know all you want I will watch the mail

your Brother

Dubois Newell


Cooperstown, Dakota

March 7, 1886

Ever Dear Brother and Sister  it is with pleasure that I write you in answer to your just received last night and was indeed glad to hear from you and to learn that you were well.  But sorry to hear of Oscar being sick.  Allie I do wish you was home again you dont know how lonesome I get.  Allie if you dont hurry and come home I will half to write all down on paper what I have to tell you or I will forget it Oh yes, Allie Ellen Parks is working at Barnards Well you want to know what we call the baby We call her Olive Lucretia she grows so fast and as fat as a little pig.  Oh yes they say Bowden is married but dont know what bride's name is she is from Pennsylvania and one of the Hagen girls is married to a young artist of Cooperstown Mrs. Balkin's Father is very sick and I guess that is why she went home in such a hurry she was down a day or two before she went and she said she guessed would have to give up going home till next winter

we have quite a good deal of snow now but it is fast going away again.  They have stopped Saloons at Cooperstown We got a letter from home the other day.  they were all well

There is nobody here to go and see only Piatts and we were down there last Oh they have a galery at Cooperstown now Oh Allie do come home or else send Otie or Oscar back, so it wont be so lone some well we got a letter from Uncle Lewis and he had froze his face and ears untill the scars look like burns and he said it had only been 20 below Well are having nice weather here this winter It has been warm enough to thaw some days.  Yesterday it was warm enough and we washed all the windows all off.

Crane is married too, he is in Florida he married a Miss Fitch of N.Y. The next we hear of getting married will be Ellen Park dont you think Well I will half to close my foolishness by asking you to write soon I close as ever your sister Jennie Newell

Alley bring some machine needles This leaves us all well and hope you are all well and hope Oscar is well, kiss the children for me and big kiss for your self


Cooperstown D.T.

March 14th, 1886

my dear Brother & Sister

Yours with Chicago letter in at hand was glad to hear from you I will send up to duluth to morrow and have four cars of wheat sold and send you a draft for $1200.  dollars as soon as I get returns.  it will be four or five days probly, I have waited now so long as I durst wheat is only 68 cts here now, I am verry shure that wheat is on the eave of a strong advance in value but we cannot wait longer, I do believe this is as mutch money as we had aught to put in horses this time do the best you can with it, and you want to watch your self up in the city you will find lots of confidence men up thare, stop at first class bording houses try and get all mares if you can they will sell best here

There was two car loads of horses came in last night and I hear of three or four more to come I dont know how the market will hold out here for horses they are starting them high There is a great demand for mares

You will pleas watch the mail and when you get draft let me know, and you must hustle around so fast as possable when you get it in order to get here so soon as possible for seeding time is close at hand.  you will write me when you start horses and when you start so that I can be on the look out

I and C.C. did not traid tom was on the lift this morning again I fear we dont get anything out of him we are getting along all right will haul three loads of wheat yet and then I will quit and make ready for seeding I will get everything in shape dont worry

it is just cool enoughf here to hold the snow and that is all.  it thaws some through the middle of the day and cool at night sleading is tolerable good yet.  tell me when you start horses how many thare are so that I can make room for them tell me how many men if any you will bring up and will work for us so that I can make arrangements for ballance here, if you bring me suit get Pants 34 waist 31 length coat 40 in Just something that will do to knock around with if this should not be enough money you let me know either by telegraph or leter I will watch the mail and wiers trusting that you will meet with good sucksess and have safe and pleasent trip I close

This leaves us all well hoping it may find you the same

Your Brother

Dubois Newell


Griggs County Dakota
May 1st, 1888

TO ALL PERSONS TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN hereby know that Wesley W. Newell and Dubois Newell of above said County by common consent do hereby agree to close their heretofore partnership business and hereby declare it a close

Dubois Newell

Wesley W. Newell


Application For A Loan
The W.B. Clark Investment Company
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The southeast quarter (SE 1/4) Sec 2 Town 145 Range 58 and contains 160 acres

Full name - Dubois Newell

Age - 45 years old

Occupation and place of business - Living upon and farming Section 11 Township 145 Range 58 and also farming upon this land

Married - Yes

Full name of wife - Jennie Newell

Character and quality of soil - Black loam about 2 ft deep a clay subsoil

Is it homestead, pre-emption or deeded land - as deeded land

Never on other land claimed title or proved up under Preemption or Homestead - No Sir

How many acres of land can be profitably cultivated - All of it

Number of acres now under the plow - About One hundred and twenty acres

Acres in crop last year - One hundred and twenty acres.

In pasture and meadow - About 5 acres (of plank and rail fence) (pasture for hogs) and about 30 acres of meadow

Will break and crop next season - About Sixty acres

What amount of the following articles was produced on the premises for the year 1888

Wheat -  no bushels

Oats -     (120 acres) 3600 bushels

Corn -    no bushels

Barley - no bushels

Hay -     23 tons cut

How many head of stock do you now own?

Horses - 11

Young Cattle - 10

Cows - 6

Colts - 2

Hogs - 12

Oxen - 2

How far from the county seat - about seven miles

Acres in timber - No timber

Acres fenced - Six acres of good fence.  5 acres for hog pasture and I acre for hay

Any Stony Land - There is no stones on this land

Any waste land - No there is not

How Watered - By two wells 18 and 28 ft respectively one curbed with stones and the other curbed with lumber

What farm machinery have you - 3 binders, one mower, 1 hay rake, 4 farm wagons, 1 buggy, 6 harrows, 1 bob sleigh, 4 sulky plows and 2 gang plows, 2 seeders

What is the value of your personal property - About four thousand dollars

Encumbrance on - About two hundred dollars

BUILDINGS - When built, their size, and for what purpose they are now used - One Log Dwelling House 18 x 14 ft. shingled roof and has a brick chimney built in 1883.  One addition to said house 10 x 18 ft. material lumber built in 1885 and has a shingle roof.  One lumber barn 14 x 40 ft. and one lumber granary addition built to the barn 10 x 20ft. same barn and granary.


CASH VALUE of said Real Estate Without buildings $1800.00
CASH VALUE of the Buildings $ 600.00
Total $2400.00

Distance to the nearest town - About 7 miles

Name and size of the town - Cooperstown Griggs Co D. T about 500 inhabitants

Name and distance to the nearest Railroad - The same N.P. rr.

And Station - The same

How long have you lived on this property - My brother has been living there from spring of 1883 to June of 1888

Did you buy or enter it - I bought it from my brother this last summer.

When did you establish your residence there - My family and I are living on the adjoining Section being about ten rods to my living house from this land.

When did you make your filing - My brother filed on it and I do not know the date.

When did you make final proof - My brother made final proof on this land in Dec 1887.

What number of days in the aggregate have you been absent from your claim and for purposes - My brothers residence was continuous on this land from spring of 1883 until he made final commutation H E proof.

Has patent been issued - No.  Receivers Receipt has been issued.

If rented, to whom - No it is not rented to anybody.  I am working this land myself.

What rent -

Insurance - There is no insurance on this building at the present time

Will insure as directed by and for benefit of Mortgages, his heirs and assigns - Yes for $400

Applicant's P.O. address - Dubois Newell Cooperstown Griggs County D. T

Has applicant's title or possession to said land ever been questioned, or any contest begun - No Sir

Is surrounding country well settled and improved -- Yes, it is the best settled neighborhood there is in the county

Other real estate of applicant - All of Section 11 Township 145 Range 58 being the Section adjoining this land.

Where - Sec 11 Township 145 Range 58

Its value - About Seven thousand Dollars

When loan to be used? - At once

For what purpose - To pay my debt and running expenses

Have you applied for a loan upon said premises within the past six months, and if so, for what amount - Yes for $650.00

To what company, firm or individual did you make such application, and when? - The Middelsex Banking Company St. Paul Minnesota

Was your application accepted, and if so, for what amount - I never had an answer yet and do not propose to wait any longer for it.

Have you made any permanent improvements upon said premises since you made the above application and if so, what? - No I have not.

Is it your intention in good faith to farm the above-described premises during the existence of this loan? -Yes it is my intention to farm this land and also See 11 Township 145 Range 58

My last P.O. address before removing to Griggs D.T. was -White Heath P.O. Piatt Co Ills.  Lived there - for about 35 years.  Was born there

I do solemnly swear that I have made the above answers, representations and estimates of value for the purpose of obtaining said loan of money, and that they are true and correct

Dubois Newell

Sworn to and subscribed before me the - eighth - day of January of 1889 and I hereby certify that affiant was by me made acquainted with the contents of this application before swearing

John 0 Oie - Notary Public

Griggs County


D. T

Thore S. Serumgard

John J. Strand



Statement of Agent

I hereby certify that on the 5th day of January of 1889 I made a careful personal examination of the farm offered as security for the loan applied for in the within application and I believe the statement herein made is correct; that I have known this applicant for 5 years last past to be a man of good character and good credit, he is a carefull and industrious man, who meets his obligations promptly, and his farm shows good management and is one of the best farms in this county and I believe it to be good security for farm loan applied for.  John 0 Oie agent


The W.B. Clark
Investment Company
Minneapolis Minn Application of

Dubois Newell P.O. address Cooperstown D. T. for $600 for five years

Interest - ten percent, semi-annually

Number of acres - One hundred and sixty

Appraised value - $2400.00

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 112

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