Circuit Rider

Circuit rider Rev. I. L. Lundeby was one of the first ministers to visit Sheyenne River community.  Though the Lars Johanson's house was small yet it was larger than many of their neighbor's houses.  Therefore, Mrs. Johanson was obliged to house the minister.  The neighbors brought milk, and other provisions for him.

Rev. Lundeby was such a tall man that Mrs. Johanson had to piece her short old country sheets and put a chair at the foot of the bed so that the bed would be long enough for him.  This minister told the Johanson children many interesting stories about his travels over the prairie.  He dressed in furs and carried a tent with him so that when caught in a storm he could cover horses, cutter and himself, and camp on the prairie until he was able to get to some settler's home.  He would hold services once or twice a year.  At one of his services held in 1883 twelve children were baptized at one time.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 148

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