Romness Methodist Church

The Romness Methodist Church was started by Rev. L. Trelstad of the American Sunday School Union.  Rev. Trelstad held worship services in the pioneer homes in Romness mainly during the winter of 1901.

The congregation organized by presiding elder, J.A. Jacobsen in May of 1901 was known as the Romness Methodist-Episcopal congregation.  At the John and Karen (Vestern) Hogenson's grove, camp meeting was held.  The guest pastors who participated in these services were Martin Hellerud, Fritz and Anton Trelstad.  Before the church was built, the congregation met in the schoolhouses and in the homes until 1903 when Mr. and Mrs. Peter Idsvoog gave the land where the church building was erected.  The congregation received the charter May 6, 1903.  Three names mentioned on the charter were Peter P. Idsvoog, Gudmund Gudmundson, and John Hogenson.  The church was dedicated in 1904, free of debt.  The congregation never had a loan on their church building.  T.M. Hauge was the pastor and H.C. Munson was the presiding elder when the church was built and dedicated.  Rev. Hauge served the congregation for several years.

Twenty-four pastors have served the congregation:

  1. Fritz Trelstad served before the church was built
  2. T.M. Hauge, first pastor after the church building was erected
  3. N.C. Hanson, whose family occupied the classroom area (now the kitchen) for a while
  4. A.W. Rosness
  5. H.O. Jacobson
  6. C.A. Joranson
  7. J. Korsmo
  8. G. Gilbertson, (later known as Gilberts)
  9. O. Asp
  10. B. Oakland
  11. Lee Paulson
  12. G. Hjelmaas
  13. John Nymark
  14. Loren Pugsley
  15. Alfred Anderson
  16. C.H. Nelson
  17. Ralph W. Davis
  18. Chris F. Miller
  19. William Samuel
  20. Glen S. Gabel
  21. D. James Farnham
  22. Robert F. Collitt
  23. Doyle A. Buss
  24. Lionel P.A. Muthiah

Pastors from the McVille-Hamlin Parish, Hillsboro-Finley Parish and Finley-Hope Parish served until 1968.  The church is still a part of the United Methodist Conference.  The descendents and relatives of the late John and Karen Hogenson held a service in August of 1973 and again in August of 1975 when they gathered for their family reunion.  Those are the only two services held at the church since 1968.

Twenty-seven are buried at the cemetery including two infant graves, unknown as to location of the graves.  They were buried in the early 1900's.

There are a few individuals who are still members of this congregation.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 158 

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