The Swedish Mission Church

About 1882 Swedish Christians began arriving to what is now Cooperstown.

These people settled four miles west of what is now Cooperstown.  Feeling the need of Christian Fellowship they began meeting in their homes, where they sang the good old hymns and read the Bible, giving their testimonies.  The head of the household where they met took charge, giving a word of admonition to follow their Saviour.

Sunday School was added and it was church to them all.  The farmers were Per Person, Ludvig Anderson, Jonas Dalhbom, Jens Person and Brita Johnson, a widow with several children.

Soon they felt the need of a church home.  In 1914 they sought advice from each other.  None of them had funds to build such a building.

At a business meeting it was decided to circulate a list to all who wished to contribute to such a building.  Jonas Skanse and Peter Person, son of Per Pei-son were chosen for that duty.

Neighbors, and business places contributed.  A petition was sent to both Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery Ward, the catalogue houses in Chicago, with whom the farmers did business by mail.

Mr. Hoffman was chosen as contractor to build the church.

The building was erected on the northeast corner of Per Person's tree claim and was dedicated November 1, 1914.

A pastor was called and the work progressed.  Daily vacation Bible School was added - a home-made bus picked up the children in one direction, and Elna Johnson, now Mrs. Jess Gibson of Cedaredge, Colorado the other direction, for two weeks each summer, five days a week.

In 1931 members of the church voted to disband and join Bethlehem congregation in Cooperstown.  The building was sold to the Methodist congregation in Sutton, who still use it.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 161

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