Griggs County in World War I

Griggs County was represented by about 350 persons in the various units of service overseas and in camps in U.S. The number is not known exactly because part of the original records were sent to Washington, without a copy being kept in the county.  Other men enlisted who were not in the draft list. Of these there was no official list.

Griggs County was represented in every type of war service.  There were regulars, volunteers, and drafted men.  Griggs County doctors and nurses served overseas and in camps.  They did work in first aid stations and in the "Army of Occupation.€  Officers in National Guard units to which Griggs County men belonged outside of the county acted as officers in training camps in France.  One man was with a submarine for several months of service.  Others were machine gunners or worked with big gun crews.  Part of the drafted boys served in the same division as the "Lost Battalion.€  Large numbers fought in the "Battle of the Argonne."

That the Griggs County men saw hard service is shown by the fact that 5% plus were killed in action and another 10% plus were wounded or gassed.  These percentages are upon the total number in the service, not only those who went overseas.  One man was a prisoner in a German Prison Camp until after the Armistice.

The Griggs County chapters of the Red Cross produced more than their quotas of all requested garments and bandages, etc.

All Liberty Loans were over-subscribed.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 175

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