Later Wars

The Korean conflict began soon after World War 11 and the 38th parallel divided Korea into the North and the South.  Local boys became involved in a war, which was officially called a conflict.  President Truman and General McArthur disagreed on Korean matters and McArthur was relieved of his command.  No settlement was reached until General Eisenhower became president, but Korea remains divided to this day.

The Vietnam War was our longest war continuing through the 60's.  Fought at a great distance from home under severe conditions it became a very unpopular war and those who were engaged in it failed to receive their just rewards.

In World War I we had Liberty Bonds while in World War 11 it was Series E. Bonds.  Twenty-five dollar bonds were bought for $18.75 and brought $25.00 when held to maturity.  $50.00 bonds cost $37.50 and $100.00 bonds were $75.00

Great Wars create great generals.  World War 11 made Dwight Eisenhower a great general in the European theatre and his popularity made him President of the United States a short time later.  In the Pacific theatre it was General Douglas McArthur who said, "I shall return", and by doing so he is remembered and admired.

Although not noticed locally World War 11 brought about a great change in the lives of the Black people.  At the beginning of World War 11 the Blacks and the Whites were segregated in the military.  Towards the last of 1945 all branches of the service were integrated.  At the same time there was a mass movement of Blacks into the Northern cities to compete for jobs previously held by the Whites.  From a small percentage of the total population they now have become a majority in some localities.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 176

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