The Veterans

The two World Wars, and Korea and Viet Nam are long ago and far away now.  The veterans of World War I are past 80. 

The youngest veterans of World War 11 are close to 60

The Korean Conflict veterans are 50

The Viet Nam era veterans are 30

When the doughboys of 1917-18 went to war, the community gave them a send off at the depot with speeches and band playing and flag flying.  Veterans of that war have memories of hasty training, transfers from one camp to another, bouts of illness and homesickness, long marches, death, destruction, and finally the trip home.  The community gave them a heroes' welcome.

After the war, an official honor roll was compiled, listing all the veterans of the war from Griggs County.

There were too many people, leaving a few at a time, for the community to send off its World War 11 servicemen and women in the same way.  Their welcome home was just as warm, if not as official.

They, too, rated a veterans' honor roll.

Griggs County was represented by many of its youth in the Korean Conflict and later in the Viet Nam war.  No official roster of the Griggs County Veterans of those wars exists as yet, so it was not possible in this book to list them.  It is hoped that someone, sometime, will take time to compile lists of those men and women from Griggs County who also served their country.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 174

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