Celebrating in 1907

As far as is known, Cooperstown and Griggs County did not have a celebration formally celebrating the twenty-fifth year of their founding.

In early July of 1907 the eighth annual county fair was held at which time an auto parade took place.  An Old Settlers picnic was held toward the middle of July.

The Old Settlers Association had planned a parade, which was called off because of a heavy rainstorm the night before.  The storm put the roads in bad condition, spoiled the racetrack and kept hundreds of people at home.  The program of sports advertised for the forenoon had to be cancelled.

Although the parade was called off Gus Rothert got out with a four-ox team and paraded around to the amusement of the people.  The reorganized Cooperstown Band furnished music during the day.

In the afternoon the crowd gathered at the fairgrounds where foot and potato races took place followed by a ball game between the old settlers.  This was followed by a ball game between Hannaford and Binford.  The game took 22 innings to finish.  No score was made until the twelfth inning when both teams got a run apiece.  There was not another run made until the last inning when Hannaford scored, winning the game 2 to 1.  Both teams played fastball and it was said to be the most exciting game ever played and next to the longest ever played in the state in 1907.  The longest went to 24 innings.

Later activities included a farmer€™s trot or pace for green horses, a running race and a tug of war.  Griggs County was a little too heavy for the Steele County fellows and pulled their opponents over the line very easily.

A commemorative booklet was put out in 1908 showing many interesting photos of the city, county, the Auto Parade and a story of Cooperstown and Griggs County.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 252

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