Golden Anniversary

About 7,000 people commemorated the founding of Griggs County July 7, 1932 on the fiftieth Anniversary of the county.

Exhibits of early day relics were placed in display windows of the stores.  Articles shown which played a part in the early history of Griggs County included: ox yokes, grain cradles, early sulky plows, an early day drill, spinning wheels, old chests and several pieces of early house furniture.  In the windows of clothing stores, interesting displays of the old fashioned clothing, boots and shoes, and other wearing apparel were found.

The day's program started with a colorful large parade at 11 o'clock, led by the Cooperstown Band under the direction of Ernest C. Meyers.  The parade consisted of floats from each Township, including covered wagons, an early day stagecoach drawn by a span of mules, a replica of a sod house, women at spinning wheels and many old timepieces of machinery.

Following the parade, the Valley City Municipal Band presented a concert.

The afternoon session began with a half-hour concert by the Griggs County Concert Band.  Percy R. Trubshaw of Valley City, an early Griggs County Courier editor was master of ceremonies.  Welcoming the visitors were Mayor C.S. Christianson in behalf of the city and Otto Pritz in behalf of the county.  Rev. Ludvig Lunde gave the invocation.  The main speaker of the day was Congressman Amlie.  Other speakers included Howard H. Ellsworth of the N.P. Railway and Prof. W.M. Wemett of Valley City Teachers College.  During the program, the oldest man and woman among the pioneers were honored.  The pair was Lars Johnson of Sverdrup Township and Mrs. Knut Stromme of Greenfield.  Also honored were the first-born man and woman in Griggs.  They were Anton Olson of Romness Township and Mrs. O.A. Sloulin of Aneta.

The banquet in the evening honored over 200 people who had settled in the county in 1882 and before.  Dr. M.D. Westley delivered the welcome.  The main address of the evening was a review of the history of Griggs County by Prof. Wemett.  A group of solos were sung by Mrs. Gertrude Boe Overby, numbers were given by a mixed quartet composed of Mrs. Overby, Mrs. Monroe Berg, Prof. H.C. Rowland of Grand Forks and Alph Westley, and a solo by Professor Rowland.

The final event of the day was the Dividends of Happiness dance sponsored by the local American Legion Post.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 255

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