Junior High, 1982

Some people say kids have it easy.  We only have to go to school eight hours a day five days a week, right? As a seventh grader you're the new arrival in the busy life of a Junior High student.  The Junior High is in the same building as the high school students.  We wake up at 7:00 and rush around trying to get ready to catch a ride to school.  Of course some unlucky students have to walk.  Walk or ride you have to be in the classroom by 8:30 or else you must go to the office and get a tardy slip to get into class.

Our first class is Phy.  Ed., where we run, work on weights, work on chin-ups, do long jumps and play games.  After we get dressed from our gym clothes (shorts and a tee shirt), we go to Social Studies where we learn about world history and other world information.  After Social Studies we go to a study hall and after study hall we go to chorus.  At chorus we sing songs and learn about music.

When the first half of school is over we get a lunch break for one hour.  During this break some people go home to eat and some bring lunch from home, but most people walk over to the grade school for hot lunch.  The food is OK.  After that most kids head to the local cafe to buy candy or to play the new arcade game Pac Man for 25.

When the bell rings we are supposed to be in our seats and ready for our next class.  Here is where the grade splits up.  Some of the seventh grade is in band so that is where they go next.  After that they go to math and science.  The people who aren't in band go to math right after lunch break then science and after that study hall.  The whole group of seventh graders gets back together the last period for English.  Then at 3:45 we get all of our books together so we can do our homework.  We wave good-bye to our friends and say "see you tomorrow."

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 67

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