Melinda of Money Brook Mansion

We were walking out of the school at 3:45 on the last day of the nine-months of school.  Every semester we usually have 8-12 classes.  I'm going home to put on my painters pants which is right next to my designer jeans, which costs $45 to $50.  Then I'm going to go to a basketball game between the teachers of Binford and Cooperstown.  I don't know if I'll wear my Nike tennis shoes or my clogs.  I decided on my shiny rainbow top.  It wasn't very cold so I decided to wear my satin blazer, which cost $120.  I met my friend at the basketball game, which cost $1.00 for kids, $2.50 for adults.  She said she had trouble deciding if she should wear her shiny tight pants or her knickers but she did decide on her knickers and high fashioned leather cowboy boots.  Whatever I do I won't wear a dress ever! After the game we went to the Coachman Inn to have a shrimp dinner with baked potatoes and a nice tall glass of coke.  Altogether it will cost about $9.50.  After we have dinner we're going to go roller disco skating at Red Willow Lake or at the Cooperstown roller skating rink.  They have a hi-fi stereo and strobe lights.

The next day a letter came from my grandparents, who live in Miami, Florida.  They told me about how many refugees from Cuba and other countries are there.  They sent me $500 to buy a Moped.  I really wanted to buy a motorcycle, but that costs $800-$1000.  If there is any money left over, I am going to get my ears pierced 4-5 times.  My mom just told me to get groceries.  I went to the grocery store and bought milk ($1.20/half gallon), a ten-pound bag of sugar ($3.09), and bread ($.69).  Our family is thinking about getting a van that costs $9,600.  We really would like a custom made van but that cost $14,000.  We finally decided on a car, a Japanese import.  It cost $7,500.  We wanted an American car but they cost $1,000 more.  My brother is getting a three-wheeler for his birthday.  It cost $1,695.  He is getting a snowmobile for Christmas.  That costs $2,500.  My brother is very spoiled! Next week it is my boyfriend's birthday and I am going to give him a gold chain and a ring.  Next week it is also our anniversary.  We have been going together for two years.  I'm giving him a top to match one of mine.  He just got a brand new truck from his parents.  It cost $9,600.  Then he's going to come and pick me up and we're going to cruise the streets.  The gas will cost $1.37 a gallon.  He's going to put a computer in his car.

I just got a call on my cordless telephone that cost me $200.  It was my little sister.  She asked me if I would buy her a new Atari video game because she broke hers.  There goes my allowance!

In the Sentinel - Courier newspaper they posted the enrollments in our area.  For grades 1-12 in Binford, 141; Hannaford, 80; and Cooperstown, grades K-12, 397.  I also saw an ad about an Air Supply concert.  The cost was $10-$25.  Tonight I'm going to the movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark."  I just got my allowance from Mom and Dad so I have the $3.00 or $3.50 it will cost. If I can't go I will sit and watch movies on TV and if someone calls, I can answer them through the space phone on my big screen TV.

That night I did get a phone call.  It was the beauty shop to ask me what hairstyle I wanted.  I couldn't decide between the beaded look or an Afro or a Mohawk.  I went to bed with my headphones on.  I played Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross.  I woke up the next morning and the batteries were dead.

This story is fictional except for all the products and prices mentioned.  These are all current fads, fashions, prices, products and events.

We would like to thank the following: V-W Motors; Larry's Super Valu; Coachman Inn; Orris' Phillips 66; Cooper Motors.

Written by: Kari Albrecht, Jennifer Knight, Marci Leininger, and Mary Stahl.

Advisor: Ann Clapper

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 68

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