Even before the turn of the century, local cattlemen interested in purebred livestock were importing them in an effort to improve local herds.  Some of the early purebreds were stock imported from the British Isles.  R.C. Cooper had a large herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, and E.C. Butler had Shorthorns.  Galloway cattle were also an early breed here.

Many early dairy herds were composed of milking Shorthorn cattle.

Draft horses were in great demand and local breeders imported Belgian, Clyde and Percheron stallions and mares.  Shetland ponies were also raised in quantity at times when they were popular.

R.C. Cooper's Poland Chinas were the first breed of hogs mentioned.  Purebred sheep were not mentioned in the early years.

In later years other breeds of livestock have been introduced.

Draft horses have disappeared from the local scene.  Most of the prize herds of cattle were dispersed when the owners retired or times became hard.

One herd of cattle in Griggs County can still trace its origins to cattle brought here in 1903.  A Scottish breed, Galloway cattle are black like the Angus.  In 1903 the Courier reported that R.C. Cooper shipped in Galloway cattle from Iowa, and that Glen Dyson purchased a bull and two cows, Herb Church bought three head and T.R. Jones a fine bull.

In 1907 Hammer and Condy advertised that they had bought the herd of 23 purebred Galloways from JY Teal, and that they were offering them for sale.

Steffen Galloways of Griggs County can be traced to that original herd shipped in by Cooper in 1903.

In 1909, William Steffen of Bloomfield, Montana, purchased stock from both Glen Dyson and Herb Church.  They were shipped to his homestead in Montana, later known as the A-L Ranch.  He maintained herd records.

In 1956 Clarence Steffen and Sons purchased about 50 head of purebred Galloways from William Steffen in Montana.

Since the death of their father in 1970, Steffen Brothers, Clarence and Dale, have continued to raise the purebred stock west of Cooperstown and near Luverne.  Other raisers of Galloways in Griggs are the Berge Brothers near Hannaford.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial Page 128 

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