The Swedes

The Swedes came too, along with other migrants from the European nations about the turn of the century.  Often one member of a family would come first, and then would write home telling of the advantages and opportunities to be had in America so other members of the family would follow.  Many of the Swedes in Griggs County settled west of Cooperstown.

There was a settler on every quarter Section! That was the case when the county was new.  That free quarter of land attracted men of every vocation.  Some were farmers, others knew little about agriculture, but they came for that free land.  Some had no intention of remaining after their final proof and they moved away.  Much of their land was sold to adjoining farmers who wanted to stay.  The farmers had hard times during the depression and farming with horses, but they were strong and kept on.

The Swedish Immigrants brought with them their customs and recipes from Sweden.  The Swedes, like the Norwegians, like their lutefisk and lefse, rommegrot and many good things.  The ladies enjoyed their knitting and crocheting as it was carried down to the ladies of today.

Source: Cooperstown, North Dakota 1882-1982 Centennial page 51

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