1882 - 1957

As residents of Cooperstown, North Dakota, pause this year to pay tribute and remembrance to the founders of this fair city, it shall be the purpose bf this book to record not only the train of events that affected this town as it ca a into being, but also to present a picture of our present city, showing the changes that have taken place and to interpret to a certain extent the conditions that wrought these changes. It would be impossible within the limits of this book to make a detailed report of the city and its residents but insofar as is possible we shall endeavor to record the personalities and events which contributed to or materially affected the growth and features of Cooperstown. We would like also to pay tribute to the progressive pioneers of Griggs County living outside the City of Cooperstown whose activities contributed so much to the development of this area. As we look backward to the early days of the pioneers we cannot but marvel at the courage and fortitude which these people possessed who braved the ruggedness of North Dakota prairies to build homes and towns in this then raw country. To the courage, hope and vision of these early pioneers, we humbly and reverently dedicate this book. May their courage, industry and progressiveness .be an example for those of us who are now forging a link in the chain of time.

WOVEN into the tapestry of time during the past 75 years are myriad of incidents and events that have affected the lives of Cooperstown and Griggs County people. Some we recall with a glow of satisfaction and pleasure. Lush years with abundant crops, prosperous operations, and rapid increase in values have been a pleasant experience for most of the folks who have lived here. But to many of the older residents the recollections of drought and depression have left an indelible impression. Those were the years that tried men's souls, but courage, pluck and perseverance prevailed over seemingly insurmountable obstacles and enabled this community to rise to the height attained today.

The consuming purpose of those responsible for this book has been to  portray in a limited fashion the personalities and events that have passed in review in the Parade of Time. With apologies for the many omissions from this review we seek refuge in the fact that so brief a book as this could not possibly do justice to all who have figured in the history of Cooperstown. We doubt if there is a pioneer family whose experiences, recollections and family data alone would not fill an entire volume in itself. So it is with regret that we must limit this record of 75 years to a few scant pages. We shall ever be indebted to Mrs. Myrtle Porterville whose wealth of early day data has supplied so much of the material for this book. May her huge compilation of historical material some day be printed in full and bound in a book for posterity as a tribute to this energetic woman who has so faithfully and accurately assembled a detailed record of people and happenings in the county. To those who have labored with us in the preparation of this book and to those cwhose financial contribution makes possible this brief history, we can sincerely say "thank you."

Jubilee Book Editor

Lillie Simenson - Typist

Harold Burk Book - Editor

Myrtle Burk - Assistant

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 1

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