Presbyterian Church

The congregations of the Congregational and Methodist churches joined in forming a Presbyterian Church in 1923. The Congregational church was transferred to the Presbyterian Church in 1923. The Congregational church was transferred to the Presbyterians April 25, 1924. Its trustees then were: W. M. Ayrea, C. L. Cooper, M. D. Westley, and E. S. Hamilton. On August 4, 1924, the officers of the First Presbyterian Church were: W. M. Ayrea, President, F. B. King, Secretary.

The Methodist Church building was transferred to the Presbyterian on June 17, 1929, and was used as a social hall for some years. About 1940, the Presbyterian sold their church to the Catholic church, and converted the social hall into their church.

Pastors of the Presbyterian Church have been: Rev. Curtis; L. C. Cooley; C. C. Converse; Rev. W. R. Radliff; and Rev. W. J. Henderson: These pastors also served parishes in Hannaford and Sharon. Present officers are: Board of Elders and Trustees: William Barr, Mrs. Bertha Langford, Bruce Hazard, Leon Sayer Jr., Theodore Monson, Gerald Nierenberg, George Reid, Robert Adam, Richard Engbrecht. Deacons are: Mrs. I. Willis Nilson, Mrs. Gerald Nierenberg, Mrs. William Barr and I. Willis Nilson.

Treasurer: Leon Sayer, Jr. Clerk of Session: I. Willis Nilson; Financial Secretary: Mrs. George Reid, Benevolence Secretary: Mrs. Harry Hopewell; Supt. Sunday School: Mrs. Bruce Hazard; Organist: Mrs. Leon Sayer. President of Presbyterian Women's Organization is Mrs. I. Willis Nilson.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 24

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