St. George's Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholics bought the Presbyterian church on November 23, 1939, and the first mass was said on November 26 of that same year. The name "St. George" was chosen in honor of the zealous pastor and promoter, Father George Miller, pastor of Jessie North Dakota parish, of which St. George was a mission church with 23 families.

This church served the parish until Easter, April 18, 1954. The Redemptorist Fathers assumed the St. George Mission on May 14, 1944, and the Bishop raised the status of the church to a parish. Father Anthony J. Huber was the first Redemptorist pastor. Plans were made for raising money for a new church.

In the fall of 1953 the building of the church was started under the supervision of Father Breitenbeck. The cornerstone was laid November 8, 1953, and the first mass was said April 18, 1954 on Easter Sunday. St. Georges Church was dedicated on August 9, 1954 by the Bishop. At the present there are sixty families in the parish. Four pastors have served St. Georges so far: Father Huber, Father B. J. Guenther, Father Breitenback, and Father Langton.

At the time the congregation was started in Cooperstown, an Altar Society was formed with

Mrs. Frank Bednar as President,

Mrs. John Paintner as Vice President, and

Mrs. Pat Morrissey as Secretary Treasurer.

Present officers are:

President: Mrs. Liebl

Vice President: Mrs. R. Christensen;

Secretary: Mrs. Clarence Bednar, and

Treasurer: Mrs. Lemna

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 26

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