Community Park and Swimming Pool

A series of accidents at the river swimming pool east of town brought to a head the need for a modern supervised swimming pool within the city. In the spring of 1955 a group of interested persons met and formulated plans for such a pool, providing the idea met with approval of citizens of the town and community.

So receptive to the idea was the community that donations and pledges of support immediately started .pouring in. The committee soon realized that if volunteer labor was adequate the project was assured.

The drive for funds for the construction of the pool began in the spring of 1955. Sufficient cash was raised that year to guarantee construction of the pool proper. Construction of the tank started in June on city-owned property one block west of the high school.

The drive for support was continued in 1956 with individuals, lodges, clubs and various organizations of Cooperstown and vicinity backing the projects with labor and financial assistance. By mid-July, 1956, the 40x120 foot pool officially opened for business.

The pool is fully equipped with pumps and filtering equipment. Adequate bath houses are located at the east end of pool which is encircled by ornamental wire netting. Practically all labor used in the construction was donated and much of the material was obtained at cost. Only $19,500 was expended in building this modern pool which will compare favorably with pools in other towns where the costs of contracted pools have run between $40,000 and $60,000. The Cooperstown pool is completely paid for and about $130 remains in the building fund.

While the pool is a project that received wonderful support from this entire community, no small amount of credit for the success of the venture is due the following people who shouldered the burden of promoting the project and seeing it through to a successful conclusion: Willmar Haerter, Mrs. H. W. Hildre, Roy Solberg, Oscar Tang, Mrs. Gordon Frigaard, Ed Reiten, and AI Boe.

The sum of $500 has been expended in development of a park at the site of the pool. While much is left to be done the prospect of a nice park in the near future looms as another community project which volunteer labor can make reality in a short time.

Board of Directors:

Sitting:  Mrs. H. W. Hildre, Secretary W. Haeter, Chairman, Mrs. G. Frigaard

Standing:  Roy Solberg, Oscar Tang, Ed Reiten

Not Shown:  Al Boe

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 69

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