Alexander Saunders

ALEXANDER SAUNDERS (November 2, 1853- ), born in Northeast part of Scotland, came to Canada 1873-to Pembina County, 1878; to Section 24-145-58 Sverdrup Township, 1880. At 56 he married 1st Sarah Clark (1868-1918), married 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth Propps ( -1930). No children.

ALEXANDER SAUNDERS SISTERS: Mrs. W. H. Padham, of Wash.; Mrs. Alex (Helen) Chalmers came to Griggs, 1881, children: Alex, George, John, Nellie, Sadie, Mrs. John (Jessie) Gorman (1864-1941) came to Griggs, 1881.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 58

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