Dr. George F. Newell

Dr. George F. Newell was born in 1816 in Vermont. He was educated at the University of Vermont, and the Casselton medical college. 'He moved to Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin where he was a. doctor for nearly forty years, with the exception of two years when he served as surgeon of the 15th Wisconsin regiment of Volunteers. He was mustered out in June, 1864. In May 1883 the doctor came to Cooperstown where he started the first drug store.  He gave up practice except in surgical cases. The active country practice was attended to by Dr. Theo. F. Kerr. In 1888 he sold his drug store to S. Almklov, and it has been in that family ever since.

Dr. Newell had a stroke in 1890 and returned to Rochester, Wisconsin where he died in 1898.

Mr. Syverson built a hotel in 1899 (in 1957, the Rebecca Home) and named it the Newell House in honor of Dr. George F. Newell.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 61

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