Edward Zimprich Family

EDWARD ZIMPRICH (July 8, 1860-May 9, 1926), born in Mickelsdorf, Bohemia, married Jennie Westley (March 11, 1868-September 1948), born in Waterville, Minnesota Her parents were from Bohemia. Edward worked for Cooper several years. He had his homestead on 8-147-59 and was assessed there in 1883. Children:

FRANK, married, 1914, Clara Pfeifer, daughter of Ben P.-children: Frank, Jr. lives in Fargo, "Lillian married 1939 Raymond

Anton-2 children Bernard, married Miss Boisjolie-6 children; Beatrice, married, 1946, Chester Ressler, son of Frank Ressler-4 children; Evelyn, married, 1935 Winifield Wilkinson, son of Marion Wilkinson,-3 children.

EDWARD, JR., married Veronica Gruman of Fingal-daughter Lela married Frank Miller and have 4 children.

WILLIAM, married Erna Zimprich, daughter of Ignatz Zimprich who was not related to Ed Zimprich but both were from Bohemia. Son Francis W. married, 1948, Marie Ethel Pittenger, daughter of Clifford Pittenger. Daughter Dorothy Mae married Everett J. Ashbaugh of Minnesota Also 4 younger sons and daughters.

JOSEPH, married Annie Fiebiger, daughter of Frank Fiebiger. Daughter Anne married Euguene Heinz, son of Frank Heinz and have 3 children.

ALVINA, married Joe Geiger of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, came to Griggs County in 1925-children: 3 sons, 1 daughter.

EMMA, married Joe Langer, live at Valley City. Several children.

CHRISTINE, married Julius Langer-at Valley City, have several children.

LAWRENCE (1908-1948), married Louise "Lizzie" Gruman of Fingal, North Dakota. Daughter Cecelia married, 1950, Edward Schaack, son of Peter Schaack of Sykeston.

IDA, married William Pfeifer, son of Frank Pfeifer-children: Arlene, married, 1949, Frank Heinz, Jr.; Willis became Nun "Sister Rose"; Frank first married Inez Husel-2 children, then married Alfie Husel-3 children.

MARY (1887- ), born in Griggs County married, 1904, Ed. Fiebiger (1877- ). B children: Ed. Jr. married Elsie Heinz. Children: Betie, married Clarence L. Johnson, son of Taletta Johnson; John; Lawrence; Joyce and Pattie. Rosie, married Joe Gruman-children: Charles Robert, Larry $ Jerry, twins, Ellen. Ida, married Henry Heinze-2 children. Mary, married George Peterson-children: Marie, George, Jr. Richard, married Moralen "Ginger" Dahl-4 children. Frank, married Florence Hagle, daughter of Henry Hagle-4 children. Florence, married Donald Gisvold-d children. Martha, married Martin Kuklok-7 children.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 63

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