Haugen Family

JOHN JOHANNESON STAMNES AND BRITA DAVIDSRATTER FYLLINGSLID ( -1885) were of the farm of Fyllehaugen near Bergen, Norway. He died in 1867 in Norway. Children:

HANS J. HAUGEN (1855-1948), who used a shortening of Fyllehaugen for his home in United States, was born at Stamnes near Bergen, Norway. He left Bergen, Norway April 14, 1882, came to Ada, Minnesota May, 1882; came to Griggs County in 1883; worked on railroad building into Cooperstown, 1883, and on the Court House job in 1884. He married, 1882, Monsine Hansdatter Saby (1949-1942), who was born at Stamnes Norway. Children: John H. Haugen (1883- ), born in Griggs County, married Elise Nelson, 1904. Children: Hans A., Martin, Adolph, Mrs. Bennie (Sophie) Kalland, Mrs. Carl (Ells) Brudvik. Helmer (1884-1886). Mikei (April 19, 1887-1937), born in Griggs County, married in 1912 Modlie Saby September 5, 1887-7937, who was born in Ovre Eidfjord, Hardanger, Norway. Children: Harry and Alvilda.

JOHANNES J. HAUGEN AND MRS. ANNA J. HAUGEN (1847-1917). Children: Iver (1883- ), born in Norway, came to Griggs County, 1895, married Gunhild Fyllingslid who came to U. S. in 1913 with her sister, Malena who married Magnus Haugen. Children: John J. (1917-1954), married Esther Sole. Children: Sons Elliott and Kent. Carl J. L., Howard, Mrs. Jacob (Anna) Watne, John (1885-1952). John died in car accident in Minnesota John's children (1913-1941), Lila D., Eugene P., Carl B. who married Ellen Lund, Mrs. Oliver Haugen, Mrs. Gordon Lundquist and Leonard O.

JOHN J. HAUGEN (1852-1834) and Kari Saby Haugen (1856-1937), sister of Mrs. Hans J. Haugen, who was born at Saby Sogn near Bergen, Norway. 12 Children: Bennie M. (1882- ), born in Minnesota, married sister of Mrs. Henry. Children: Mildred, Milford, Sylvia, Oscar and Beverly. Henry 8 Bertine. Children: Clara (1906), Selmer, Hazel and Julius O. (7908). Carl J. Children: Elverne and Ruth. Julius, married Emma Carlson. Children: Mau. rice, Evelyn, Eldren, Kermit, Jane, Delores, Gilmer. Magnus: Children: Inez, Maynard J., Ingvard, Mrs. Harland (Lorraine) Hagelstrom. Melvin, Children: Robert, Millard and Carolyn. Julia, married first Brudvik, second Axel Bloom. Marie, married Fliflet. Emma, married Carl O. Johnson. Dora, married Olaf Kalvik, Annie, Herman.

DAVID KALLAND (December 1849, August 7, 1914) and Anne Kalland (1952-1931). David worked on a Kalland farm in Norway and kept it when he came to U. S.; married Anna Fyllingstad. B children dead. Only one living is Bennie who married Sophie Haugen, daughter of John H.

BRITHA, (1858-1948), born at Stamnes, Norway, married, 1886, Johannes O. Kalvik (1855-1905). Children: Mrs. O. Forseth, Ole, Knut (1893- ), Berthin, Mrs. Odegaard of Chicago, Mrs. Gertie Vedo, Carl ( -1956), John.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 59

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