Herigstad Family

BETUEL HERIGSTAD (June 22, 1852-1933), son of Barr and Karen Herigstad, was born in Thime Jaeren near Stavanger, Norway. He was in U. S., 1871 to 1874, and returned to Norway, married, 1879, Inger Thu (October 7, 1859-1941 ). Had 13 children: 2 born in Norway, the rest in Griggs County, 2 died as infants and 2 as young adults. He was agent for steamship line, and brought the group of settlers from Norway in 1881. Children:

OMAN B. (1885-1951). graduate U. N. D.-B. A. in 1908, L. L. B. in 1909, member of Minot bar for 42 years; married Fern Prescott in 1913. Children: 1 son, 3 daughters.

KAREN, married O. B. Westley, moved to Wheaton, Illinois Children: Eleven-none live in North Dakota.

BARD, single, farmer in Alberta, Canada.

LYDIA (teacher), Bakersfield, Calif., formerly of Minot.


Mrs. LLOYD (Sylvia) JACOBSON, Los Angeles, Calif.

EMIL, single, Los Angeles, Calif.

CONRAD, married Ruth Josephson (1898-1955). Children: Mrs. L. (Dorothy) Whittiker, Ardis, Joan, Phyllis.

HENRY, married Evelyn Josephson (February 1896-1956). Children: Bert, Marian, Lenore. Other relatives: Nels Herigstad, brother of Betuel, later went to Ore., died there. Karl, brother of Betuel, came in 1881, went to Ore., died there. Sons of Per, brother of Betuel, who never left Norway: George, Burt who married Anna Njaa, 1897, Karen who married Edgar Haaland, son B. P.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 60

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