Retzlaff Family

MICHAEL RETZLAFF (1819-1896), born at and married Wilhelmine Retzlaff (1833-1917) at Pommern, Prussia; went to Iowa in 1875, and Griggs County in 1881. They were living on 30-147-59 in 1882. Children:

JULIUS E. (1849-1932), born at and married, 1872, Henrietta (1847-1936) at Pommern, Prussia, to Iowa in 1875, to Griggs 1881. Children: Otto E. (1874-1952), married Helen Steffen (1884-1907). Daughter: Mrs. Lewis (Helen) LaPlant. Orry C. (1882- ), married Emma Beier (1883- ). Son and daughter. Henry E. (1886- ). Mrs. Antoinette ("Tony") 1877-. Rudolph (1884- ). Mrs. Alex (Emily) Iverson.

HENRY ( -1894), came to Cooperstown in 1883; married Mrs. Minnie L. Retzlaff. Children: Frank (1875-1938), married Nellie Brown; Laura (1876-1915), married James H. Sinclair; Walter, died 1934 in Montana. May (1873-1949)

FERDANAND A., married Martha Koch, daughter of William Koch. He died at 36 and left 3 children: Ida, married, 1900, Charles Arndt; Arthur Retzlaff; Mrs. married second William Arndt. Their children: Max Arndt, Mrs. Alice Wyman.

CHARLES (1853-1921), married Marie Freadrich (1862-1952), who was biro in Wisconsin In 1882 Charles was on 31-147-59, had a house. Children: Emil (1883-1947), married Elizabeth Rickford. Children: Vivian, Cleona, Harvey; Alvina (1884- ), married Otto Christianson. Adolph (18871951), married Laura Ebenteier ( -1950), lived in Griggs County until 1922; went to Wisconsin, died there. Ella (1885- ), married 1909 G. L. Rothert (1874-19- ). Children: Evelyn, Marvin, Lester, Mrs. Robert (Eleanor) Hunter, Walter ( -1954), married Josephine Tang-3 children. Mrs. Henry (Emma) Freadrick .3-children.

AUGUST T., married, 1897, Carne Khoeler; lived on 32-147-59 in 1889; moved to Aneta. Son: Allen Theodore-born 1902.

WILLIAM, lived in 1889 on 32-147-59.

HERMAN, lived in 1889 on 32-147-59.

ALBERT OTTO (1866-1950) born in Pommern, Prussia, married Otelia Fenner (1878-1950). 9 children: Arnold (1900-1931), married, 1924, Alice Anderson, granddaughter of Elting Johnson: died in well cave-in. Daughter: Virginia. Alfred, married, 1817, Julia Bendickson-born in Norway. Children: Son Carol married Shirley Watne; Marvin, married Neva Thorn. Max, (1910- ), married Elizabeth Mulroy of Jamestown; was Pharmacist at Jamestown; graduate of A. C. in 1935. Children: son and daughter. Mrs. Carl (Irene) Rickford-1 daughter. Mrs. Henry O. (Esther) Beck-2 sons, 1 daughter. Mrs. L. R. (Eve) Truscott-1 son. Mrs. Gordon (Alma) Brown-2 sons. Mrs. R. J. (Liles) Dash-several children. Reynold, married Mabel Knutson of Aneta.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 61

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