Rorvig Brothers

Rorvig Brothers, Ole, Mathias, Peter, Paul

All born at Ringbo, Gulbrandsdal, Norway.

OLE RORVIG (July 3, 1849-May 6, 1924), born at and married, 1873, Marie Berg (August 6, 1851 - July 26, 1937) at Ringbo; came to Griggs 1883. Children: Christine, married George W. Marson (1874-1934). Children: Lily, Deland (1903- ), Reynold, and Archie-married Agnes Evenson. Marie (1888- ), married Theo. Kittleson. Daughter: Madeline. Palms (1894- ), married Oscar Idsvoog (1889- ), Son: Oris. Oscar (1891- ), married Lillian Koloen. Children: Shirley A., married, 1951, Mervin A. Danforth; Dorothy, married Seymour . Bjorlie; Sherman, of Fargo. Selma (1886- ), married Lawrence Lewis. Children: Arthur,-married, Thelma Peterson; Marian, married Calmer Monson, 1942,-son: Terry Mansfield, Ingeborg, married Syver H. Koloen. Children: Howard (1902- ), Marie (1904- ), Mrs. Christ Greenland.

MATHIAS RORVIG (1861-1945), to Griggs County 1885, born in Ringbo, Norway; married Janna (Jennie) Myhre (1875), who was born in Minnesota, daughter of Jacob Myhre (1843-1925). Children: Clare (1897- ), Magdalena (1902- ), Ernest A. (1903- ), Mrs. Ole J. Barkley, O. Trygve, Martin J., Wendell-married Janet Falls-children: Jane and Wayne.

PETER RORVIG (1854- ), came to Griggs County 1886, married Julienne Eilson, known both as Julia and Anna. Children: Mrs. Otto Peterson, Mrs. W. P. Anderson, Mrs. David Stoeve, Mrs. William Holten, Mrs. J. C. Kloety, all in Calif. and Edward Peter, (1884-1952), married, 1906, Mary Peterson ( -1918), then married, 1924, Martha Kruempel ( -1928); then married Mrs. Elsa Westerdahl ( -1949). Daughter: Mrs. Robert G. Rogers of Fargo.

STEPHEN (October 20, 1874- ), born in Ringbo, Norway; married, 1914, Sophie Smogaard (1882-1957) at Zumbrota, Minnesota-to Binford 1902. Children: Palmer; Kenneth, who married Doris Hammer, then married Ruth Torgerson; Evelyn, married Andor Peterson; son of Henry.

PAUL RORVIG (1848-1915) married, 1874, in Norway to Anna Eielson (1850-1933); came to Minnesota in 1884, to Griggs County in 1886. .Children: Alpha, 1886, in Griggs County-1939. Clam, married Henry Peterson (1868-1941). Thelma, married Arthur Lewis; Alvin, Andor, married Evelyn Rorvig, daughter of Stephen; Vernon; Mrs. Harold Mathison of Wash. Auston. Children: Wyman, teacher; Carl, of Fargo. Mrs. Signe Mellum. Dr. Alfred Rorvig (1880- ), of Clear Lake, Iowa. Oline Siverine (November 21, 1878-October 6, 7894). Paul lives on the old home farm.

Source:  Cooperstown Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 Page 61

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